Terms of use

The Franchise Disclosure Register (the Register) is made available for the purpose of public inspection.

Each user acknowledges and agrees that:

  • franchise information and disclosure documents (material) published on the Register or accessed on a third-party site via a link on the Register, have been prepared and uploaded onto or linked to the Register or provided to the Commonwealth for inclusion on the Register by the relevant franchisor.
  • the Commonwealth, as represented by the Department of the Treasury, does not review, vet or endorse any franchisor material prior to its inclusion on the Register. As such the material on or linked to the Register may include views or comments of third parties that do not reflect the views of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth makes no warranty in relation to the accuracy of any franchisor’s material appearing on or linked to the Register.
  • linked material and material published on the Register is subject to change. This is because a franchisor may update its information and disclosure document(s) from time to time.
  • users need to exercise their own skill and care when using any material on the Register. The Register is not intended to, and does not, negate the need for a prospective franchisee to undertake its own necessary due diligence before entering into a franchise agreement with a franchisor, including seeking professional advice from independent legal and business advisers and accountants.
  • when displaying or reproducing material published on the Register in any form, users must include the following disclaimer alongside the material.
    Disclaimer: This information is based on material published by the relevant franchisor on the Franchise Disclosure Register. This information does not negate the need to undertake necessary due diligence including seeking independent professional advice if considering entering into a franchise agreement.
  • users agree to release the Commonwealth to the full extent permitted by law from any and all claims (including claims for negligence) relating to the user’s reliance on or use of material made available on the Register (including material contained on linked third-party sites).
  • the Commonwealth accepts no responsibility or liability (in negligence or otherwise) for:
    • any injury, loss or damage arising in any way in relation to the use of, or reliance on, any material appearing on the Register (including material contained on linked third-party sites); or
    • any interference with or damage to a computer system, software or data occurring in any way in connection with the Register or its use. Users should take appropriate and adequate precautions to prevent damage to their own computer system, software or data.